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Our vision at The Tech is to:

The Tech is the new incarnation of this building which has had multiple functions since it's inception in 1894.  (Click here to read about the history of the Tech) Having been quietly empty and hardly used since 2011, the building's now morphed into its latest role - Holmfirth's creative hub.

In 2018 a group of local people put a business case to Kirklees College and set up Holmfirth Tech Ltd (HTL), an exempt charitable Community Benefit Society, with the intent of bringing the building back 'Holme'.  Since then, the use of The Tech has steadily grown. 

In May 2020, HTL completed the legal processes and became the owners of The Tech.  Later in the summer, a share offer will be launched so local people can become members of the society and share the ownership of The Tech.  Shared ownership and the asset lock* contained in HTL's rules mean that the building will remain the property of local people.   The funds raised from the sale of shares will help to pay Kirklees College the second installment of the purchase price and will contribute to refurbishing the building.  


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*An asset lock is a constitutional device that prevents the distribution of residual assets to members. The purpose of an asset lock is to ensure that the public benefit or community benefit of any retained surplus or residual value cannot be appropriated for the private benefit of members.

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