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About the Project

This started out as ‘The Big Treat’ with big ideas to make sure everyone in the Holme Valley that needs a lift (over the long winter we are facing) gets a gift from us all, like a family meal voucher, festive gift or … (you decide).

From an initial idea put forward by Duggs Carre on social media, in late October, a group was put together, initially calling itself ‘The Big Treat’.  Various meetings (by Zoom) have followed and the project has now been renamed ‘Random Acts of Kindness HD9) - it’s going to do what it says on the tin!

As well as financial donations, these are some of the ideas put forward so far:·        

  • A big treat could be a small one, like a visit to chat or using a smart phone to contact family if the person only has a non-smart phone.
  • Maybe a car journey to get groceries, instead of using the bus.
  • Things that cost little to give, but can be a great gift if Christmas is likely to be spent alone.
  • It’s the emotion it leaves with the person that counts, and we all know how a little surprise gift, letter or helping hand can make people feel warm inside.
  • A tree of treats, probably installed in the Tech building (which will be used as the central ‘hub’ for the project) where people can hang their gift donations, acts of kindness and treats. 
  • Anonymous nominations of people who might need a ‘lift’ before or immediately after Christmas (the aim is to make this project not just for Christmas, but more longer term).
  • Christmas wish lists, e.g. tradesman to replace broken door handle, or cracked window pane.
At the point of the initial idea, there was no group, no money, and no plan - but everything is possible.  We now have a group, meeting regularly (by Zoom) to thresh out the various ideas; the group is made up of representatives of the original Mutual Aid team, local individuals and business owners, and staff from Holmfirth Tech (in line with its Community Anchor role, the latter will help to co-ordinate this project and the Tech building itself will be one of the hubs for the gathering and distribution of tangible treats, gifts or promises of services). 

The group is applying for funding to support the project and, at a further meeting this evening (19 November 2020) it is likely that a number of sub-groups will be defined, to work on the various aspects of the project, including promotion, operations, logistics and distribution.

A nomination form will appear here, in due course, one the logistics of the process have been worked out.
If you would like to volunteer, or simply have some ideas for us to consider, it’s not too late!  You can visit our Facebook page ‘Random Acts of Kindness HD9’, email or you can phone 01484 686305.

Donate to the Fund via BACS

You can donate to the fund if you want to help local people who may be struggling.  If possible please donate through BACS to the Unity Trust Account as Paypal is charging a commission.

Unity Trust Bank Account

Sort No 60 83 01

Account No 20420660

Donate to the Fund via Paypal

You can also donate via Paypal using the button below.

Gift Aid

If you’re a UK taxpayer, using Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give, HTL can claim another 25p from HM Revenue and Customs.  Gift Aid is reclaimed by Holmfirth Tech Ltd (FAC No 7739) from the tax you pay for the current tax year and will be added to the Holme Valley South Emergency Hardship Fund.  Please complete the form at the link below and email to to enable the Gift Aid to be claimed. 

Gift Aid Form

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