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There is plenty of support if you need it to help you through the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a first step, please contact Kirklees' Council Covid-19 Community Response Team 

You can also contact them by ringing 0800 456 1114 or 01484 226919.  The phone line is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Council staff will refer you to the most appropriate support.  If it's for the day to day things like shopping or picking up a prescription it'll come through to us and we'll be in touch

Businesses Operating Home Delivery

Many local businesses are providing home delivery services. Details of these businesses and what they can supply can be found on the Holmfirth Events web site.

Www free icon Holmfirth Events Home Deliveries

National Farmers Union - Honley

The NFU is supporting members of the farming community.  Please contact Robert Noble by email.

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Other Local Support in the Valley

Other groups and organisations in the Valley are also providing help and support.  Their contact details can be found here.

Kirklees Better Outcomes

Kirklees Better Outcomes service has an emergency helpline for anyone who needs help with Housing, Financial Resilience, Welfare Benefits, accessing food or medication, wellbeing or mental health, social isolation and if they feel unsafe in their home.

Www free iconKirklees Better Outcomes Phone icon 07562 252 940

Kirklees Citizens Advice

Kirklees Citizen Advice Bureau may also be able to help:

Www free icon Kirklees Citizens Advice

Age Concern

Age Concern has a service for older people and can be contacted by phone or email.

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Short Term Financial Help

If you have a financial emergency and need help quickly, please contact the Holme Valley South Emergency Hardship Fund by contacting:

Serious Long Term Financial Problems

For more serious or longer term financial problems, please get in touch with Kirklees Council.

Www free icon Kirklees Covid-19 Financial Hardship 

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